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Herbabuena Quiver Oil


Sensual Cannabis Lubricant and Massage Oil

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Designed for daily use, this topical and ‘edible’ delight helps bring about joyful presence and luscious sensations for your most private parts. Enhances stimulation, arousal, and lubrication. Made with organic coconut and essential oils Quiver can extend orgasm (!), maintain vaginal health, tone soft tissue, and support natural moisture levels. Made with full-spectrum THC it can ease painful intercourse and menstrual cramps.

Full ingredients: *coconut oil, cannabis, a whisper of *black pepper, *vanilla, *cinnamon, and *clove. *organic

Each 30ml bottles contain approximately 120mg of THC | 4mg/ml

Suggested Use

Use 2-4 pumps and wait 1⁄2 hour to sense the full effect.

Note: Not latex condom safe. 

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