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Hot Nife Kit


Full Spectrum Cannabis Vape Kits



Each kit includes –

  1.  Full strain specific cartridge (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD, Lit)
  2.  Battery
  3.  Battery charger*

*We’ve chosen this particular battery because it works the best with our oils. Hot Nife can’t guarantee a quality experience if different hardware is used with our cartridges.

Dosing: Each puff is 10mg, vaping is an excellent way to receive an instant and immediate onset. It’s best to prime the battery by taking a couple of small puffs and then a longer drag to allow for one full dose. We suggest you take a small puff and then see how you feel. Repeat as needed.

All of our ambers (a reference to the color of our oils) are extracted with care, ensuring a full flavor profile and all the benefits of a whole plant extract. Our crafted process ensures a clean product and an exceptional experience.

Sativa – Ancient Lime | 78.6% THC – 0% CBD 
Play all day with our creative and active Amber Sativa strains. Great for active pursuits, body awareness, and creativity.

Indica – Flubber | 71% THC – 2.7% CBD
Our mellow Amber Indica provides a more chill response. Great for evening use, sleep aid, munchies, and laughter.

Hybrid – Flubber | 69% THC – 2% CBD
Our expansive Amber Hybrid is a balanced high. Great for watching movies, flavor enhancement, and an easy high.

CBD – CBD Hybrid | 3.9% THC – 53.2% CBD
Our CBD is perfect for taking the edge off and allows you to benefit from exceptional plant medicine without the high. Experience relief from anxiety or other stressors. Great for daytime use, stress relief, and anti-anxiety.

LIT – Dairy Queen | 79.8% THC – 0% CBD
Want to get Lit? Try our Distillate. We only use cannabis-derived terpenes that promise a tasty flavor and a guaranteed buzz. Great for celebrations, sharing with friends and getting LIT!

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Sativa Kit, Indica Kit, Hybrid Kit, CBD Kit, LIT Kit


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