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Elevate Immersive Experience Box


A journey for your five senses, this box contains cannabis and non-cannabis items designed to guide you to a deeper state of relaxation and presence.

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As a society that values the go-go-go attitude, we’ve forgotten the wisdom that comes from slowing down our bodies and listening to their advice. Many modern women (us included) take on so much in their lives, but don’t hold the time and space needed for themselves to recoup. Self-care and self-exploration take not only practice and discipline, but also enjoyment; this box is our way of bringing these essential skills back into our lives.

Designed to be used while elevated, each box is an immersive experience to help you find your center. Follow the audio guide*, which weaves together instructions, meditation, and products inside the box to experience a journey like never before.      

Introducing SAVA Cannabis Sample Pack

Elevate is partnering with SAVA to bring you the Immersive Experience Box with SAVA Cannabis Sample Pack.  Enjoy the thoughtfully curated items with the box for a complete experience.

  • Bloom Farms Highlighter Complete Set (Hybrid) – A sure favorite for both beginners and seasoned users, this set includes a cartridge and a battery for a complete vape pen.  Bloom Farm’s Hybrid vape pen is well-balanced, relaxing, yet creativity inspiring — the perfect blend to unveil a new perspective as you walk through your immersive journey. Tip for cannabis beginners: take one or two puffs, allow 15 minutes to reach peak effect, add as needed.
  • Stone Road Pre-Roll Singles  (OG Kush) – We chose this body soothing, indica-dominant strain to help guide you into complete relaxation before starting on your immersive journey.  Stone Road’s small-batch artisanal cannabis is grown and harvested with love and strict organic practices. Tip for cannabis beginners: take a few small, slow puffs to start, or share with a friend.    

Inside the Immersive Experience Box

  • Aqualime Facial Elixir – Small batch made in Alabama, this custom-blend facial oil is made from: hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, apricot oil, vitamin E, jasmine, and rose essential oils. Use this elixir with the included facial roller for a luxurious facial massage, or by itself as a beautifully balancing moisturizer.
  • Sweet Peppermint Tea Drops – Lightly sweetened dissolvable sweet peppermint tea drops made from delicately ground tea leaves. Great for calming your body and soothing throat irritations.
  • Plant Guru Meditation Synergy Blend – This specialty blend made from rare and exotic oils is excellent for centering and composure. Use it with the included aromatherapy necklace, or by itself in your own diffuser. This blend is made from: frankincense, ho wood, eucalyptus, radiata, lemon, camphor, and yarrow blue.
  • Facial Massage RollerJade facial rollers have been used for centuries in the East as a beauty tool to detoxify and tone the skin. In the audio, you will be lead through the steps of a complete facial massage routine. Use this hand-made roller with the included facial elixir.   
  • Rose Quartz & Lava Stone Aromatherapy Necklace –  Known as the stone of love, rose quartz represents unconditional love and is associated with the heart chakra.  Lava stone is a grounding stone that strengthens your connection to mother earth, and its naturally porous surface makes for the perfect medium for diffusing essential oils. Strung together on a delicate, nickel-free and lead-free chain, this necklace is a beautiful reminder for self-love and self-care.
  • Vegan Leather Travelers Notebook – Blank and removable pages make this a great journal for jotting down ideas, intentions, and self-exploration.  We also recommend to write down the following, each time you use cannabis, to really dial-in to your personal needs: dosage, method, strain, desired effect, effects achieved, and how long it took to reach peak effect.

*To access the audio guide, use the camera app on your phone to scan the QR code inside the booklet that comes with your box.  Click “Listen in browser” when you arrive at the link.



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