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Chemistry Refill Cartridges

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Full spectrum cannabis extracts made with sun grown cannabis. Available in refill cartridges.



Note: Battery + Cartridge = Vape Pen.
For use with Chemistry High-Performance CCELL Battery. 



Panama Red | THC: 25.1%, CBD: 31.8%
In 1971 a group of California teenagers gathered everyday at 4:20 p.m. to hatch a plan. There at the foot of the Louis Pasteur statue outside San Rafael High School, the Waldos embarked on a legendary mission to harvest a secret garden of coastal grown grass and forever left their mark on Spaceship Earth. The Waldos never found that mythical patch of weed, but don’t trip because we dug up a true old school classic: Panama Red. The refreshingly crisp sweetness and balanced CBD to THC profile of this vintage cultivar will light up your third eye and shift consciousness directly back to the early 70s. Far out, man. *Proceeds from Panama Red will go to support the Drug Policy Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sensible drug policy reform in the United States.

Pineapple Wonder | THC: 74.3%
Crush it with Pineapple Wonder(ful). The tropical vibes from this playfully bright sativa will have you deep in the pocket and fully owning your day. Go on, get ya some!

Tangerine Power (v3) | THC: 70.8%, CBD: 0.3%
Ka-Pow! Brace yourself for a tropical fruit punch to the tastebuds and a power up to your dome. Our fresh-squeezed Tangerine Power delivers the goods. Buckle up.

Sour Tangie | THC: 64.3%, CBD: 1.63%
Running on empty? Gas up and go with this uplifting and highly functional sativa. Classic diesel up front, citrus on the back. Sour Tangie will get you moving again.


Blood Orange Kush | THC: 72.4% 
Mind cluttered? The sinfully delicious chocolate and cool mint vapor off this hybrid will reboot your brain’s central control system with its euphoric and clear-headed lift. SinMint Cookies is a trip to the day spa for your brain. Take a pull and turn off the chatter.

Paris OG | THC: 70%, CBD: 0.37%
How do you say stoned in French? We’re not sure either. We do know you should say “bon voyage” to your plans after a visit to Paris OG. The effects of this indica-heavy strain are immediate and sedating. Bonne nuit.

Star Killer | THC: 69.4%, CBD: 0.18%
Lean in to your day with Star Killer’s sweet and spicy dankness. This indica-dominant hybrid is the perfect accompaniment to a casual hang sesh with the crew or a cinematic trip to a far away galaxy. We’ve dubbed it: “Star Chiller.”

Blue Diamondz | THC: 79.2%, CBD: 0.23%
Wound up? Worry not! Blue Diamondz will mellow your mood with its earthy sweet deliciousness. Treat yourself to this super relaxed, but surprisingly sociable indica at the end of a long-ass day. You’ve earned it.


Serpentine | THC: 23%, CBD: 46%
One puff is not enough of this herbaceously orange CBD-dominant session vape. Serpentine is a one way ticket straight to the chill zone. Knock off the edge without the slouch.

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1 review for Chemistry Refill Cartridges

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is our favorite cartridge after months and months of searching for the best high. My girlfriend and I agree that nothing else competes.

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