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Note: device + pod = vape pen. These are the pods only – For use with the Pax Era.

A collaboration between Brite Labs and Pax, this is a radical new approach to concentrates. Exclusively compatible with PAX Era device, Era delivers the most flavorful and consistently satisfying taste yet.


Blue Dream | 65% THC 
Some might consider Blue Dream the perfect daytime strain with its calming, relaxing euphoria that also inspires creativity. A staple in the world of North American cannabis, Blue Dream is a cross between “Blueberry” and “Haze”. A sweet candy aroma comes from the terpene Linalool, and is similar to other strains like “Forbidden Fruit” or “DJ Short Blueberry. The effect is also refreshing in that it offers an easy comedown, with less residual tiring and sedating effects.

Tahoe OG | 68% THC 
This strain is one of the absolute best strains for anyone in need of help falling asleep, reduction of stress, or the occasional “couch lock”. Since its lineage is known to be “OG Kush x SFV OG Kush, it is rife with an overly earthy scent and a hint of pine. Myrcene is the terpene associated with almost all of the “OG” lineage which helps with its anti-inflammatory, sedating effects.

Apricot Ice Cream | 67% THC 
Apricot Ice Cream is an Indica leaning hybrid cross of Apricot Jelly (Irene Apricot x Jelly Breath) and Ice Cream Cake (Wedding Cake x Gelato #33). With the taste of  berries, citrus, cream, and gas. Apricot Ice Cream provides a balanced body and head high. Great for mood elevation, managing stress, and relaxing.

Venom OG | 65% THC
Venom OG is an indica-leaning hybrid reportedly bred by Rare Dankness Seeds in Colorado. It packs a pretty strong punch – beware of couch lock. Many consumers use it to combat insomnia because they experience strong body relaxation, which comes from the strain’s parent, OG Poison. You can expect mild pine and lime flavor notes followed by cool vibes.

OG Diesel | 65% THC
OG Diesel originated as a cross between everyone’s favorite OG Kush and Sour Diesel. This strain is a slightly-sativa dominant hybrid who’s effect starts off slow and gets progressively more relaxing and euphoric. OG Diesel flavor is reminiscent of walking around in a pine forest, though there are some diesel undertones. This strain is great for relaxing after work without making you fall immediately to sleep.


1:1 CBD Remedy Dream | 26% CBD – 29% THC
Remedy Dream is a balanced CBD forward strain breed as a cross of Remedy and Blue Dream. Remedy Dream has a relaxing effect, making it great for combating anxiety with little cognitive impairment or just enjoying a day at the park. 1:1 CBD strains are great for new consumers who are looking for a mild effect with less sedation than high CBD or THC strain.

10:1 CBD Ringo’s Gift | 53% CBD – 5% THC
Ringo’s Gift is a high CBD strain consisting of HarleTsu x ACDC. Named after Lawrence Ringo, a cannabis activist and CBD Pioneer, this strain is truly a gift. Tasting of earth, hash and hints of citrus, Ringo’s Gift delivers a pleasant, cerebral and body high with light to no psychoactivity. Being CBD rich, this strain will keep you focused, more relaxed, and can benefit users with pain management, nausea, and inflammation-related disorders.


Lime Pop | 59% THC
A varietal known to some as “The Lime”, this strain tastes exactly as described by the name. Its citrus notes dominate the flavor of vapor you receive, along with a throaty robust feeling with each hit you take. It is said this Strain Hails from a lineage of “The Original Lemonade” and “Cactus Cooler”which contribute to give Lime Pop a happy creative high with lots of energy. Certain terpenes keep the consistency of certain oils thin, and easy to vape – enjoy at a lower temperature for maximum flavor (citrus, lemon/lime, hint of skunk), or at a higher temperature for maximum smoke/vapor. Note: desire for munchies may be elevated with this strain.

Lemon Haze | 66% THC
A robust, energetic, uplifting high is what you can expect from our batch of Lemon Haze (a blend of Lemon Skunk x Silver Haze)! Known for its limonene terpene content, this essential oil in cannabis really creates the “fresh peeled lemon slice” & citrus smell that we often find in strains like Lemon Jack, Lemon Tree, and Super Lemon Haze (Super Silver Skunl x Lemon Haze). The effects of Lemon Haze are often described as happy, euphoric, and energetic, but relaxed. There is a hint of sweetness that adds to the relaxing euphoria and stabilizes this high, all thanks to a certain variety of terpenes that occur naturally in the genetic variant of lemon haze we produce.

Strawberry Diesel | 66% THC
Strawberry Diesel is a combination of two classic strains, Strawberry Cough and Sour Diesel. Strawberry Diesel is Sativa Dominant with a blast of diesel fuel, berry, and pine. This strain provides an energizing, cerebral high that will keep you productive and focused. Great daytime strain to for staying active.

Chemdawg | 63% THC
With its true origins unknown, Chemdawg is said to be a cross of Thai and Nepalese Sativas. Chemdawg is Sativa Dominant with notes of lemon, fuel, and pine. This strain provides a pleasant, cerebral high that will keep you productive and active. Ideal daytime strain to keep you going.

Headband | 68% THC
Famous in its own right, Headband is the result of a cross of celebrity strains OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Its name derives from users reporting the feeling of wearing a headband after just a few puffs and is known for tasting like lemons.


Crunch Berry | 70% THC
Also known as “Crunch Berry Kush”, this strain is one of the most relaxing strains available on any menu. A mix of naturally occurring terpenes that create mostly earthy overtones, with hints of sweet clove and honey underneath, make for a smoke/vapor that is sure to bring on feelings of insightfull euphoria. Crunch Berry is sure to be a calming chill experience every time you try it. This strain comes recommended for people who suffer from anxiety, muscle spasms and cramps, joint pain and inflammation.

Skywalker OG | 63% THC
The force is strong with this strain. Skywalker OG aka Mazar x Blueberry OG is known for being spacey though more of a head than body high. You’ll notice mango notes in this refreshingly vivid extract.

Do-Si-Dos | 67% THC
Do-Si-Dos is an Indica dominant cross of OGKB (OG Kush Breath) and Face Off OG. Do-Si-Dos has the classic OG taste of lemon, pine, and gas with floral finish. This strain will give you a deep, stoney, well rounded body high. Great for relaxing and managing pain.

Mendo Breath  | 65% THC
Mendo Breath gets its name from the bud’s strong earthy-vanilla flavor and is known for being a sedating indica-dominant hybrid. The ultimate in full-body relaxation, save this dank flower for after work.




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Apricot Ice Cream, Venom OG, OG Diesel, 10:1 CBD Ringo\'s Gift, 1:1 CBD Remedy Dream, Skywalker OG, Do-Si-Dos, Mendo Breath, Strawberry Diesel, Chemdawg, Headband, Lime Pop, Lemon Haze, Blue Dream, Tahoe OG, Crunch Berry


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