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Brite Labs Jelly Wax


Cannabis Jelly Wax available in 1 gram

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Clean, natural, whole plant cannabis extracts, lovingly crafted with botanical inputs from top farms across Northern California.


OG Kush | 57% THC
OG Kush’s origins are shrouded in urban legend, though it for sure was first sold in the early ‘90s. This strain is the parent of many household names like Headband, GSC, and the root of innumerable rebranded phenotypes like SFV OG or Venom OG. OG’s effects are what all other strains are compared to – deep relaxation and uplifting feelings. Netflix and chill may be more ideal than a day at the park with this variety, but you’ll love it either way.


XXX OG | 60% THC
XXX OG is a heavy hitting indica created by a cross between XXX and OG Kush. This strain is known for its strong sedating and body relaxation effects, providing mental and physical peace. With notes of skunk, lemon, and earth – this may quickly become your favorite strain.


Double Dream | 58% THC
Double Dream is the love-child of beloved strains Blue Dream and Dream Star. The effect will uplift your mood while lifting your head into a cloud of euphoria. This strain’s mild effect is great for a day at the park or a weekend with your relatives.

Ingredients: 100% Cannabis Jelly Wax

Instructions For Use: Suitable for dabbing, vaping, eating, or smoking.

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OG Kush, XXX OG, Double Dream


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