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Aster Farms Flower


Whole cannabis flower available in 1/8ths



All of our product is sungrown with clean inputs and sustainable practices – our flower is pesticide free, hand trimmed and handled with care because we know happy plants make happy people.


Lemon Bomb | 16.75% THC
Lemon Bomb is our newest sunrise strain. The nose is tangy and pungent with citrus. Mild effects, ideal for daytime consumption. A sativa hybrid with adventurous vibes.

G6 (Gorilla Glue) | 17% THC
Grown in Greenhouse in Yolo county
Aster Farms’ G6 is our version of GG4. It’s a relaxing, indica-dominant hybrid perfect for closing out the night with a movie or having a glass of wine with friends. Beautiful bud clusters and a strong earthy, pungent nose lead to a clean smoke and euphoric high. We like to say, our G6 takes you to the moon and back. Enjoy.

Royal Highness | 15% THC
Grown in Greenhouse in Yolo county
Aster Farms’ Royal Highness is our Sunset strain. A sativa-dominant hybrid, ideal for taking the edge off after work while leaving you cleared headed and uplifted. It’s motivating effects are long on therapeutic qualities and great for pain relief. It also brings the earthy nose of it’s parent, Dancehall.

White Buffalo | 19.5% – 21.9% THC
Grown Outdoors in Sonoma County
White Buffalo is a 80/20 sativa dominant hybrid that provides a surprising blast of euphoria. Partnered with the uplifting effects, this strain is quickly becoming a fan favorite for the serious user. Best suited for those who enjoy the head highs and a serious smoke. Great for medicinal use.


Maui OG | 15% – 15.8% THC
Maui OG is our radiant strain, ideal for all types of users. With a medium level of THC and a “radiant” terpene profile we suggest this strain for creativity and daytime use. Notes of citrus and pineapple with a smooth euphoria. Glowing, creative and relaxed is MOG

Sour Lemonade – Strawberry Lemonade x Lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel | 15.8% THC
Sour Lemonade is our sunrise strain. The nose is both sweet and sour just like it’s name. A mild high with energetic effects, ideal for daytime consumption. A true sativa with uplifting, creative energy.

Athena Cherry | 17% THC
Athena Cherry is our radiant strain for a reason. It’s a balanced sativa that gives a productive high with long lasting effects. Great energy and positivity for a day out in the open.


3X Crazy – OG Kush x GDP x Bubba Kush | 14.5% THC
Don’t be fooled by the potency, this strain packs a punch. The triple cross leaves you relaxed with full body euphoria while keeping your head above the clouds. Beautiful bud structure makes for a pretty picture as well.

Paris OG | 20% – 21.5% THC
Paris OG is our moonlight strain. A true indica with calming and relaxing effects. It has an earthy OG nose with a hint of citrus. Very effective for medicinal use and pain relief.

Deep Sour Kush | 23.6% THC
Deep Sour Kush is our sunset strain. The unique cross captures the energy of diesel and euphoria of kush. It’s recommended for knowledgeable consumers and medicinal patients with chronic pain.

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G6, Royal Highness, White Buffalo, Maui OG, Paris OG, Deep Sour Kush, Sour Lemonade, 3X Crazy, Lemon Bomb, Athena Cherry


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