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Pop-Up Potcorn merges the experience of fresh, hot popcorn with cannabis.

Our goal at Pop-Up Potcorn is to provide a convenient and consistent savory cannabis edible with a satisfying portion size in relation to cannabis quantity, using sustainable ingredients.

We source our cannabis distillate from our co-manufacturer, Weird Science Labs in Berkeley, CA. Weird Science Labs works with Mendocino Generations, a collective of sun grown cannabis farms in Mendocino County for sourcing raw cannabis material.

Pop-Up Potcorn was started when creator, Rob Arabian, infused coconut oil at his cannabis farm in Northern California to make stovetop popcorn for movie nights with friends. The “Potcorn” offered a fun and delicious way to consume cannabis and soon the idea for microwave popcorn came as a convenient and simple way for consumers to enjoy Potcorn at home with their friends.

In addition to launching a line of cannabis-infused microwave popcorn edibles, Rob is the owner of Good Sun Farm in Northern California which produces sun-grown cannabis for medical use. We care about quality ingredients and carefully selected our suppliers of organic popcorn, organic palm oil (certified by RSPO), sea salt and cannabis to create a delicious savory edible.

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