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Garden Society began as a personal mission to find healthy ways to bring balance to our busy lives.

We are a medical cannabis company focused on confections that merge insatiable flavors, responsibly sourced ingredients and high-quality cannabis. Along the way, we’re out to help redefine the social acceptance of our industry.

Founded in Sonoma County by Erin Gore and Karli Warner in 2016, Garden Society offers high quality cannabis-infused confections and sun-grown flower pre-rolls that connect biodynamic farming, sustainable ingredients and strain-specific cannabis in a variety of products. Garden Society edibles and pre-rolls are intended to be enjoyed responsibly to relieve pain, alleviate stress, and enable each of us to live our lives more fully. Find a ‘Fresh Perspective’ in the joy that cannabis brings to our everyday lives!

During a ten-year career in corporate America, and all the stress of running a global business and traveling around the world, Erin Gore turned to cannabis to help find relief. While founding her first business, she realized the special marriage between her passions for cannabis, her chemical engineer education, and her business skills. It wasn’t long after this realization, she set out to found her second company, Garden Society, with the goal to create delicious and responsible products to help like-minded women deal with the rigors of life.

Karli Warner’s love for the outdoors, entertaining and telling a good story led her to the wine industry in Sonoma County ten years ago. As she loved telling the story of wine – from vine to glass – she is passionate about telling the Garden Society story, from seed to delectable confection. As a busy, working mom and wife to a cancer survivor, she knows the positive therapeutic impact low-dose edible cannabis can have on the mind, body and soul.

  • Garden Society Bliss Blossoms Milk Chocolates

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Garden Society Bright Blooms Fruit Gelées

  • Garden Society CBD Rosette Pre-Rolls

  • Garden Society THC Rosette Pre-Rolls

  • Garden Society Spiced Dark Chocolate With Chili

  • SAVA Cannabis Gift Set


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