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Help Where It Hurts

Sweet Releaf™ is an award winning family and women-owned cannabis brand devoted to innovation, care, and quality for our customers, community, and world. Created from a loved ones’ pain to lessen suffering for millions of others, we take pain seriously and bring that commitment to your family.

Sweet Releaf formulations marry Western Science and Eastern Holistic Medicine to boost effectiveness and improve lives. Our ingredients are naturally and organically sourced and our cannabis is sun-grown in the Emerald Triangle, tested repeatedly, and certified clean.

A leader in topicals since 2015, Sweet Releaf’s high THC/CBD content provides non-psychoactive, localized relief that can restore equilibrium to painful conditions, releasing discomfort reassuringly fast and with pinpoint accuracy.

All of our Sweet Releaf™ products deliver Help where it Hurts, without the High.™


  • Sweet Releaf Comfort Plus Body Butter

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
  • Sweet Releaf Comfort Body Butter

  • Sweet Releaf Comfort Warms Dry Oil

  • Sweet Releaf Comfort Cools Dry Oil


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