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We’re on a mission to help all of us lighten up a little bit.

Somatik™ is about starting off your day (or wrapping it up) with something a little fun. We believe that cannabis has the power to help connect our minds and our bodies to give us the opportunity to see things just a bit more cohesively. And we believe that when we look at things from that perspective, we’re more likely to see the threads that tie us together and help us become a more connected, cohesive, global community. But mostly we believe in lightening up.

Founded by Bay Area native Christopher Schroeder, Somatik combines Chris’ love of coffee and cannabis with his love of high-quality products. After cannabis helped him recover from a severe physical injury and positively maintain mental health, Chris became passionate about the ability of cannabis to help connect mind and body and saw a need to reduce the stigma surrounding cannabis by integrating it into products people already use in their daily lives.

Each product is handcrafted in San Francisco by Clayton Coker, a Stanford-trained scientist with a background in plant genetics. Combining science and craft, Clayton’s care and attention to detail ensures every Somatik product highlights the highest quality of the ethically-sourced, high-quality ingredients that go into each product. Experience that quality for yourself each time you taste one of our products.

  • Somatik THC Dominant Cold Brew

  • Somatik 1:1 Cold Brew

  • Somatik Sparks Cacao Coffee Beans

  • Somatik Goji Berry Sparks

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Somatik Sparks Cacao Coffee Beans Single Serving

  • Somatik Goji Berries Single Serving

  • Somatik 1:1 CBD Dark Chocolate Golden Berries

  • Somatik 1:1 CBD Dark Chocolate Golden Berries Single Serving


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Visit their Website, watch an interview with founder, Chris Schroeder on Investigating Cannabis, and read about Somatik in the SF Chronicle.

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