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Sana Sana Formulas is dedicated to making your cannabis regimen individualized, user-friendly, and affordable. 

Sana Sana Formulas was founded by nurse and makeup artist Shannon Barnett. Sensitive to medications her whole life, Shannon became a self-proclaimed natural remedy enthusiast. Starting in the kitchen, she began to look at food as medicine. After a multi-autoimmune diagnosis in 2014 along with her negative experience with various medications over the years, it was no surprise that she wanted nothing to do with the steroid + anti-malaria medications being prescribed. Instead she looked to see what dietary changes could be made and what alternative remedies existed.

​Determined to find alternative remedies to manage the full assault of symptoms being experienced, she discovered the long list of medicinal benefits being associated with cannabidiol, better known as CBD.

It was imperative that she find a non-psychoactive CBD oil sourced from a pesticide free CBD-dominant whole flower cannabis strain not hemp, that was clearly labeled with strain, breakdown mg/ml, dosing suggestions, and lab testing to back up any potency, pesticide, and bacteria claims made. One that didn’t contain any soy, wheat, dairy, sugar, sweeteners, or any other possible irritants. This proved to be much a more difficult task than she could have imagined.

Unable to accept the vague product information being provided and lack of transparency with many brands, Shannon decided to take matters into her own hands. Shannon is passionate about patient education not only to break the stigma associated with medicinal use of cannabis but also breaking the cycle of the “more is better” societal norm belief that taking anything is better in larger quantities. Studies have shown the contrary to be true. The increased medicinal benefit of cannabis use for various conditions increases significantly with the implementation of micro-dosing.

  • Sana Sana Gold Formula CBD Dominant Capsules – Low Dose

  • Sana Sana Gold Formula CBD Dominant Capsules – High Dose

  • Sana Sana Crystal Gold CBD Dominant Capsules – Low Dose

  • Sana Sana The Oil Gold Formula

  • Sana Sana Gold Formula CBD Dominant Capsules – Micro Dose

  • Sana Sana Crystal Gold CBD Dominant Capsules – Micro Dose


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