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Master the Experience

OLO is redefining the cannabis experience, blending modern neuroscience with innovative biochemistry. The result is precise, rapid, experiential, and discreet: a cannabis infused sublingual strip that comes in four distinct experiences.

We knew certain strains were known for certain effects, but with OLO, we transcend strains and venture beyond the limitations of indica or sativa. Each of OLO’s four experiences has been carefully engineered to create a very defined and distinct effect. OLO encourages you to explore the new possibilities of cannabis, personalizing your experience and finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

By diving deep into biochemistry and neuroscience we created a perfect range of exceptional cannabis experiences.  Try CHILL when you want to settle in for the night, or FOCUS to get a dificult task done, ACTIVE to push through that particularly long run and SOCIAL for the game night with friends.

An extensive team of biochemists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and strain hunters applied their expertise across cannabis, chemistry, and brain function to focus our development on specific experiences. All the cannabis flower used in producing our distillates comes from local California farms, and is pesticide-free. Each OLO experience has undergone comprehensive consumer testing, with over 450 tests honing our formulas and flavor to perfection. OLO is triple tested to ensure quality and consistency, as well as meeting standards for international food safety. Our strip uses batch statistical sampling to ensure we are delivering a precise, consistent experience.

  • OLO Quartet

  • OLO Social

  • OLO Chill

  • OLO Focus

  • OLO Active


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