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Our passion is to offer you the highest expression of cannabis via gourmet edibles.

At Lulu‘s, we believe that cannabis is about living well.  It’s about your health and innate joy.  Our products were developed to bring you the full spectrum benefits of cannabis, without creating unwanted side effects or intoxication.  Our specific ratio of cannabinoids and plentiful live cannabis terpenes work together synergistically to create a balanced, elevated experience.  We worked with a master herbalist with over 45 years of experience to develop our multi-herb formulas, which target specific needs.

Lulu’s Botanicals was created by Lulu Bonner, founder of Lulu’s ChocolateLulu has been making chocolate for over a decade and has been a cannabis advocate for more than half her lifetime.  Lulu became a chocolatier after developing a sugar sensitivity in 2006.  She prides herself on allergy free recipes that serve all body types.  All Lulu‘s creations are organic, fair trade and free of refined sugar, dairy, soy and gluten.  When Lulu‘s favorite uncle was diagnosed with cancer she took the market’s lack of truly healthy edibles personally and launched her cannabis brand in 2016.

We know you’ll feel the Lulu’s difference.

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