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cropped-Sava-Logo-square-512px.jpgSava Provider: Hepburns

We are a small lady-run solventless collective operating out of the SF bay area.

We provide verified patient-members with artisanal ice water hash and cannabis pre-rolled by hand into The Hepburns. All of our products are hand-produced with love and carefully selected for quality. Our goal is to improve public health in our community by providing safe access to high quality medical cannabis to licensed, registered members. We aim to reduce harm by providing sustained and sustainable benefits to our community through outreach and education.

Our founder Alexandra (Allie) Butler is a public health and cannabis professional, Berkeley native and UCLA alumnus. After completing her graduate thesis with the Harm Reduction Coalition, she earned her Masters in Public Health from NYU in 2011 with a focus on International and Community Health. She loves medical cannabis, solventless hash, and is an activist at heart and in practice; she hopes Hepburns can educate and reduce stigma for a new wave of cannabis consumers.

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Visit their Website, and read an article about their company in Dope Magazine.

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