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cropped-Sava-Logo-square-512px.jpgMeet Our Brands

Kiva Confections

Consistently potent, great-tasting, gourmet chocolate confections.

Om Edibles™

Effective, enjoyable, and consistent edibles, tinctures, and topicals.

Sweet Releaf

Specializing in a deeply soothing cannabis-infused body butter, Sweet Releaf.

Verra Wellness

Cannabis-infused sublingual sprays and topicals.

Sunrise Gardens

Sun-grown cannabis from Mendocino County. 

Bloom Farms

Bringing safe and enjoyable medicine to patients


Experience boxes with cannabis and non-cannabis items designed to take you on a journey.


Cannabis-infused sublingual strips.

Care By Design

High-quality CBD-rich gel caps

Papa & Barkley

Topicals, tinctures, and patches that focus on pain


All-organic, low-dose, cannabis-infused herbal teas.


Vegan and Certified Kosher CBD capsules made with strain specific whole flower cannabis. 

The Farmaceuticals Co.

Handcrafted whole-plant cannabis infusions.


Targeted formulas. Precise dosage.


Vape blends and tablinguals that produce desired feeling states.

Cosmic View

Organic cannabis products formulated with science and traditional herbal wisdom.

Pax Era

Delivering the ultimate vaporization experience.

Garden Society

High-quality, low-dose, chef-inspired cannabis confections.

Quim Rock

Intimate oil for libido and vaginal health.

Kin Slips

Sublingual cannabis strips.

Pop-Up Potcorn

Cannabis infused microwave popcorn.


Cannabis-infused cold brew coffee.

Eel River Organics

Sustainably dry farmed cannabis nectars.


Low dose, high-quality cannabis gummies.


Cannabis-infused gourmet chocolate bites.

California Dreamin’

Cannabis-infused natural sodas


A premium brand of cannabis infused honey.


Full spectrum cannabis extracts.


Cannabis tinctures with taste.

Atlas Edibles

Healthy, delicious edibles made with the highest quality cannabis.


Low-dose, gourmet marshmallows.

Native Seed

Safe and effective concentrates.


High-quality, veterinarian-formulated cannabis products for pets.

Humboldt Apothecary

Tinctures blended by experienced herbalists.

Henry’s Originals

Clean Green Certified cannabis.

Lulu’s Botanicals

Gourmet cannabis infused chocolates – coming soon!

Stone Road

Pre-rolls made with pure flower, harvested by farmers devoted to strictly organic practices.


Biodynamic and sun-grown cannabis for the higher mind.

Aster Farms

Sustainably farmed sun grown cannabis.

Humble Flower Co

Cannabis infused skin care products and topicals.

Sava Flower

The highest quality flower available.

Rosette Wellness

Highest quality tinctures, from seed to final product.


Cannabis powder supplement that dissolves in your favorite food and drinks.

Hot Nife

Full spectrum vape pens and cartridges. 

Brite Labs

Premium cannabis concentrates. 

Green Bee Botanicals

Formerly Little Green Bee – coming soon!

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