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Full-Spectrum Extracts For Effective, Consistently Positive Cannabis Experiences.

Brite Labs was founded in 2014 with a mission to make full-spectrum cannabis products widely available while promoting new paths to positive growth for our customers, partners, & community members. Today, with botanical integrity, honesty, and optimism, we continue this mission from our home in Oakland, CA.

We believe that to achieve a consistently positive, effective cannabis experience, botanical integrity is key. We craft a range of small-batch, strain-specific, and full-spectrum oils with great care to protect the natural ingredients present in the California sun-grown cannabis plants cultivated by our organic farm partners. The result is that our CO2 extracts remain as close to flower as science & nature allow.

Preserving cannabis’ botanical integrity in this way serves the needs of our medical patients, adult-use customers and service partners. Our proprietary extraction discipline not only provides the best possible conditions to experience the unique flavor, aroma and sensory effect profile of each individual cultivar (aka strain), but also to take advantage of the therapeutic potential afforded by full-spectrum extracts and the “entourage effect”.

What are full-spectrum extracts? How does the “entourage effect” work?

Full-spectrum extracts contain all of the natural compounds found in the source cannabis plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential oils. When present in an extract, this “full-spectrum” of natural ingredients works together to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of each individual cannabinoid resulting in an “entourage effect” that makes the full-spectrum wellness potential greater than the sum of its individual cannabinoid parts.

Unlike alternative types of oils, full spectrum extracts elicit a balanced mind and body sensory experience to accompany the therapeutic benefits of the entourage effect. While specific effects vary by individual strain and an individual person’s response, our full-spectrum extracts tend to be broadly described as smooth, flavorful, aromatic, and well-balanced. Ratio and quantity of CBD:THC is indicated on each package, and we offer a rotating selection of cultivar options based on availability throughout the year.

All of our products are lab-certified to CA regulations and contain no additives, diluents or pesticides – 100% natural to consistently deliver positive cannabis experiences.


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