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PremaFlora provides access to premium-quality, artisan-crafted cannabis flowers produced sustainably by small farms. They partner exclusively with small farms committed to growing outstanding cannabis flowers while improving their local communities, lands, and watersheds.

These farms use progressive agricultural approaches, such as organic, biodynamic, permaculture, and regenerative. They focus on building healthy soils and ecosystems rich with biodiversity. These healthy environments in turn produce ultra-clean cannabis flowers with rich layers of flavor and bright, beautiful bouquets.


One farm that exemplifies these unique farm practices and techniques is Moongazer Farms in Ukiah Valley, Mendocino, winner of the 2016 Emerald Cup’s Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award.

Moongazer employs labor intensive techniques such as hügelkultur, biodynamic farming, and green waste composting (feeding plants with plants) to produce incredibly clean, flavorful, and potent flowers. These “beyond organic” and “beyond sustainable” practices actually help to reverse climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil and increasing the biodiversity of the land. This is truly conscious cannabis!

Take a walk through Moongazer Farms

Photos by Erica Edwards – @the_stoned_pixie.

Above – HolyNanaCrack (BananaOG X (big sue holy weed x green crack) bred by Humboldt County regenerative cannabis farmer Jesse Dodd (Biovortex). Grown in a hügelkulture bed composed of 100% onsite materials (logs and brush from forest, fresh cut vetch and “weeds” from the field and composted horse manure from the barn).

Right – An example of cannabis in a polyculture. We believe any crop grown in a monoculture will lead to pest/fungus issues and it is to be avoided at all costs, which is not a bad thing. This style allows us to grow a diverse array of fruits, vegetables, and compost crops (stinging nettle, comfrey and yarrow to name a few). We make fermented plant extracts with compost crops and have the joy of eating our own tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, fennel, mint, the list goes on. With plant diversity comes animal diversity and they all aid in maintaining a healthy environment for cannabis to thrive.

Above – Dream Dog Kush (Girl Scout Cookies X Black DOG Kush) bred by Biovortex in a hügelkulture bed.

Above – Lemon Diesel, a local Redwood Valley strain is potent. (23.4 % THC) and flavorful. Fuelly and citrus notes give way to a relaxing sedative effect.

Above – More examples of cannabis in polyculture. Amaranth is a wonderful companion plant. We use it for own nutrition and for fermented plant extracts as well. A nicely fermented amaranth extract provides phosphorus for the flowering phase of the plant, cutting costs for our operation since we don’t need to buy fertilizer from the local garden store.

Farming in rhythm with nature allows us to maximize the potential of our plants and health of the property.

Paying close attention to the phases of the moon is crucial for knowing optimal times to plant seeds and harvest flowers. This is an essential component of biodynamic farming, created by Rudolf Steiner.

Allowing native plants to have a place in the garden is essential for plant health. Diversity is what we are after.

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