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SAVA makes it easy to find quality cannabis for your needs. We offer a curated cannabis collection delivered to your door, along with the support and education you need to use cannabis for wellness and pleasure.

From farm to final product, each item meets our high standards. Everything is lab tested for microbial content, mold, and pesticides, and is labeled with accurate potency and cannabinoid levels. So whether you’re just starting to explore the power of the plant or are a seasoned expert, you’ll find the transparency and quality you’re looking for in a cannabis delivery service.


SAVA is guided by our mission to raise standards in the cannabis industry and change the perception of the plant.

We Teach You About the Plant
  • Support. Our team is available by phone and email to guide you on what products to choose, how to use them, or to answer any questions you have about cannabis.
  • Education. Our cannabis education events teach people everything from using CBD for pain to cannabis as an aphrodisiac.

We are proud to announce that we partner with medical professionals at Radicle Health to standardize education among our employees. All employees have completed 6 hours of cannabis education.

We Curate Top-Quality Cannabis
  • Health. Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers have no place on your cannabis. All of our brands provide us with lab testing for their products demonstrating the no microbial content, mold, pesticides, and verifying potency and cannabinoid levels.
  • Transparency. Just as you want to know where your food comes from, you want to know where your cannabis comes from. Meet the makers and learn the story behind every brand we carry on each providers’ page.


We Support Small Business
  • Accessibility. Our platform provides over 50 brands a place to reach customers with their products, while allowing customers access to top quality brands. While some brands are big, many are small, women-owned businesses.
We Care About Responsible Medicine
  • Environment. SAVA and our brands make efforts to reduce environmental impact, from how products are grown and processed to how they are packaged.
  • Compliance. We are thrilled that cannabis is now legal in California, and will comply with rules and regulations to help raise the bar in the cannabis industry.



SAVA founder Andrea Brooks suffered a disabling injury that led doctors to tell her she would never work again. Her frustration with the side effects of prescription pain medications led her to the cannabis world at a time when many small crafters were making high quality products, but information about and access to these products were extremely limited. Using cannabis and a wellness regimen, Andrea recovered and was inspired to start a marketplace that showcases these products. She created SAVA, and it quickly grew into a business that allows patients access to high-quality products from brands both big and small.

Andrea Brooks | Founder and CEO

Andrea is a cannabis advocate, lobbyist for social change, and entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness. Following a disabling injury in which cannabis played a crucial role in her recovery, she was inspired to enter the cannabis space. Building on a non-profit career that focused on strengthening human and social services agencies, she applies her expertise in conducting needs assessments, developing strategic partnerships, and creating community to SAVA all while leading the growing team.

Amanda Denz | Co-Founder and CMO

Amanda is passionate about using design and technology to change the perception of cannabis, educate people on its powerful applications, and increase access to high quality products. While leading her Web design and digital marketing firm she came on board to help launch SAVA. Her role has since developed to lead company communication, marketing, and technology, while collaborating on general strategy. 

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